How do I manage the colors at the top of my home page?

Give your site a new look by customizing your background colors! 


Here’s how you can easily change the colors to better suit your brand.

From this:

Current Background
Current Background

To this:

Screenshot (235)
Purple Background

Follow these steps:

After logging in to your admin section, navigate to

Dashboard > University Theme > Styling Options > Body Background Color  

You can then choose whichever color you want by clicking on that little box.

Screenshot (236)

If you would prefer to use a custom image instead, navigate to

Dashboard > University Theme > Styling Options > Body Background Image > Upload > Save 


There are choices for how to display the image:


If you want to upload one image, try to have it be at least 1,024 x 768. But uploading one large image can slow down your page’s loading speed. We recommend using a smaller image that can be tiled. All this means is that when put together (tiled) on your page, you can’t see the edges (it just makes one nice and seamless pattern). In this case, you would want to set the drop-down choice under Background Image Repeat to “repeat.”

Remember, you do not want the background image to steal the focus from your blog content, so make sure you choose an image that complements your lay out without overpowering it.

A third option is to navigate to Dashboard > University Theme > General Settings > Theme Stylesheet.

Screenshot (232)

Here, you can choose a color palette to use, but it limits you to one of the existing ones that come with the theme. If you would like something more unique, then upload an image or choose a shade of a given color as before.

Please note that you can only use one method at a time. Uploading a Background Image will override both the Background Color and Theme Stylesheet settings, so choose only one option to use.