How do I manage the five doctors images and text to the right?

This is called the Sub Featured Area.

ChromeBlogCropped-300x87 To edit, go to Dashboard > University Theme > Sub Featured Area


Those three areas are checked by default, and this is what they do:

  • Enabling the Sub Featured Area ensures that the doctor’s images and text will show up on the homepage.
  • The Lightbox is a pop up with more information that appears when you click on each image.
  • The Lightbox Gallery enables one to scroll forwards or backwards through the images that pop up.


Scroll down, until you see this:

title text

That is where you will put the words that you want to appear next to the images.

Further down, you will find the places to upload your images.


Thumb #1 is where you upload the first doctor’s image, and Thumb #1 URL is the image with the extra information that will pop up when you click on the thumb. The next area is the Thumb #1 Title. We used the doctor’s credentials, but you can put whatever describes your image best.

Repeat this process for all five thumbs.

For more information on individual image sizes, please refer to this page.