How do I manage the main video on the home page?

The main video on the homepage is referred to as the Featured Video.


To edit it’s appearance, navigate to Dashboard > University Theme > Featured Area 

featured area

Scroll downwards until you see Featured Image. This is where you upload which image will show up as a preview of the video. For best results, use a picture that is exactly 475 x 390 pixels, or close. Anything smaller or larger than that will be distorted.

upload picture

To get the Featured Image URL shown below (which is actually a URL to your video), you need copy and paste the URL to your video from YouTube. There are a number of ways that you can get URLs to your videos on YouTube, but only one that works the best here. Please navigate to YouTube, to the page where anyone can see your video playing. Copy the URL from the top of your browser and paste it in here. This will produce the best results.

video url

Featured URL Title is whatever you want to call your video.

Lightbox enables the video to play as a pop up when clicked on, and the Play Icon signals to people that it is a video and not just an image, so you should keep both those areas checked.

Save All Changes and review your featured video!