How to manage your “GETTING INVOLVED” section.

This section is originally referred to as “Our Focus”  in this theme.

We have used it to display offers to the reader, but you can use it for any function you like!

Screenshot (696)

Each of the circles is linked to another page on your site, but they could also be linked to any site on the web outside of your blog.


Screenshot (698)

  • Once you get there, you can deactivate it altogether in the Settings tab.
  • You can also change the title displayed above it in the Header tab.
  • The Colors tab changes the color of the display and circles.
  • The last tab, Our Focus Section Widgets is where you customize the content and links.

Screenshot (699)

We have already activated widgets in which you can upload new images and links by simply clicking on the downward triangle icon on each to open up the edit screen.

If you transferred from another theme however, then you’ll need to add the widgets yourself.

You’ll see a + Add Widget button. Click on that, and look for Succeed – Our Focus Widget then add that and follow the instructions above to fill it in.

It is recommended that you use four widgets in this section.