How to switch to the Coaching Theme.

The Coaching Theme is the latest addition to our collection of website templates.

Below are the guidelines for transferring to the Coaching Theme from Traci’s Theme. 

1. Switching the theme.

Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes, then look for Coaching Theme and activate it.

Screenshot (709)

2. Fixing the menu.

If you go to view your live site at this point, you will see that the menu doesn’t transfer over in the original formation. You need to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and check the Primary Menu option in the bottom right then save the menu to fix it.

Screenshot (710)

3. Deactivating WPtouch Pro.

The next step is to deactivate WPtouch Pro since this theme is mobile responsive and you won’t be needing the plugin for it.

Please note that this step is only necessary for those switching from Traci’s, University or Steve’s Themes. If you’re not coming from one of those, you can skip to step #4 below. 

First, go to Dashboard > WPtouch Pro and you’ll land on this page:


Click on the arrow pointing to the right about nine times.


On the ninth page, click “Configure Settings” then “General” and you’ll end up on this page below:


1) Ignore setting #1 as it doesn’t apply to this tutorial.

2) This is where you can turn off WPtouch Pro, by clicking on the blue icon. It will turn red to indicate that WPtouch Pro is off.

4. Widgets

From here, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. Click on the downward arrows on the Our Focus Section Widgets, Testimonials Section Widgets, and  About Us Section Widgets. Click on the text widget you’ll find under each of the above sections, and drag it downwards to Footer Areas 1, 2 and 3 respectivelyand refer to this tutorial if you need to edit them.

Screenshot (712)

 5. Blog posts page.

Your default blog page won’t have any posts showing either. To fix that, simply open that page up for editing, then change its template under Page Attributes to Blog Template and update. Note: Only do this for your actual blog page. All the other pages should be left as is. 

Screenshot (715)

You can now proceed to customize your new homepage following the tutorials at > Theme Customizations > Coaching Theme Customizations.

You can see the default template of the theme here for a general guideline of what to put where, but also be sure to experiment and customize it to your own liking!