How to use Post Tags and Categories.

Categories are used to put related posts together in one group, under a common link.


Example: If you run a health and wellness blog, you could have categories like Exercising and Healthy Eating.

Tags are a subset of categories. They are useful when you want to break down categories into smaller, more accurate descriptions.

Example: Under the Healthy Eating category, you can have tags like Recipes, Supplements, Healthy Breakfasts, and such.

This will enable you to sort your articles into groups of closely related topics, thus making it easier for your readers to find what they are looking for on the website. Post categories can even be added to the main navigation of your blog to further aid your readers in finding your best content.

How to create tags and categories:

As a rule, every new post created on a WordPress blog must fall under at least one category, the default one being “uncategorized.”

You must create your own categories then, so as to better reflect the theme of your blog. While writing a new post, you will see a table like this on the right hand side.

tags and categories

Simply input your preferred category and tag names in the relevant sections and when you publish your post, they will be saved automatically for future reference.

This is how tags and categories appear to a reader.


Each one is a link and when the reader clicks on it, he/she will be taken to a section containing only those posts filed under the chosen tag or category.

To delete a category, go to dashboard – posts – categories and you’ll see a red “delete” link below each category name. Click on that to delete the category.

To delete a tag, go to dashboard – posts – tags and you’ll see the delete link there too.