Step #10 – Options with videos on your blog

Do you want to connect videos from your back office?



All the videos on your new blog work just fine.

However, you may choose to embed the same or different videos that are contained within your back office. It’s all up to you since this is your blog, and you have 100% control over it!

One benefit of switching out videos with those found in your back off is that most of the videos will contain a link back to your Team Beachbody store.

You have three options for working with any of the videos:

  • From your back office (has the added benefit of linking back to your TBB store)
  • From your YouTube account (replace with your own videos)
  • Leave the default video(s) in place (you don’t need to do anything and just move on!)

For detailed instructions on how to embed a video into a post or page, please refer to this tutorial.