Step #3 – Move your domain’s hosting to PSMU

This is a one-time, easy step to complete! 


IMPORTANT: If you’re moving your blog from another WordPress site that’s not already on PSMU, then you’ll need to export your old content before you can proceed with the steps below.

Go to dashboard – tools – export content and export everything including your media files, then send that xml file to us to import for you on a PSMU theme of your choice. We’ll let you know when to proceed with switching your A records after all your content has been moved over successfully.

If you’re a brand new blogger with no previous content to import, then disregard the above and proceed with the steps below.


Please watch the short video below to point your domain’s name servers over to us. This allows us to host your blog on our servers. FYI, this is a step that you will accomplish just once, and can be reversed at any time.

Use the name server information below for the updates shown in the video above:

If you didn’t use GoDaddy to register your domain, then please share the name server information directly above with your domain registrar and have them update those settings.