Step #6 – Connecting Your TBB Store Links

Making Sure You Get Credit For Every Sale!

BloggingThis is a very simple step.

First you’ll need to log in to your blog following these instructions.

Next, go to the PSMU BLOGGING OPTIONS area of the dashboard.


Click to open the Blogging Options area…


What you now see is a lot of links to popular workouts, Beachbody Challenge, etc. These links are automatically placed into what is called a shortcode. This just allows us to put a little bit of code into all the corresponding pages that have these programs, taking the links from this one page and automatically populating them into all pages where they need to go. That is a lot faster than going individually into all those separate pages and copying and pasting links!

IF YOU ARE A CANADIAN COACH, please check out to create your links. And test them to make sure they work with the instructions at the bottom of this page.

UK COACHES, please check out to create your links. And test them to make sure they work with the instructions at the bottom of this page.

All you need to do on this page is click into the field for each workout and paste in your Beachbody Rep ID.

For example, please click into the P90X2 link field and then scroll all the way to the right until you see five Xs (XXXXX).


Now highlight those Xs and replace them with your Rep ID.

Screen Shot

You can quickly do the same for all the links on this page and then hit save at the bottom of the page.


If any of your links doesn’t work, please replace it with the corresponding product link from this list.

YOU ARE NOW DONE and ready to move on to the Step #7, which is P90X3, the only workout where the process for connecting to your TBB store is a little different.

If you don’t see all the workout programs you want in the PSMU BLOGGING OPTIONS page, no worries. Step #8 will show you how to easily add in more programs.

To find links to any other products for use when creating your own additional pages, please CLICK HERE.

Anyone who wants to TEST their new links can do so as follows:

  • Log out of
  • Clink on the link you are testing. This should take you to the place in the store for that product.
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Click on checkout
  • At the very bottom, the customer will have an option to log in if already a current customer or to create a new account.
  • Under new account, a checkbox for “I was referred by a coach” should be checked with your coach ID and Username visible for the customer to accept you as their coach.

If you want to test several in a row, you may need to clear your history between each test.