Step #8 – Easily Adding More Workout Programs

All it takes is Copying & Pasting!

If you do not see all the Beachbody workout programs that you want listed under the WORKOUTS link in your blog’s main navigation, then no worries. Not every Coach wants every workout program there. So we have supplied some really easy copy and paste options for almost all of the other workouts.

CLICK HERE for access to all the workout page codes, then click Open in Drive.

Screenshot (651)

Next, look for the workout program you want to add, right-click on its name, and choose the Make a copy option. You will shortly see a link to Locate the copy of the file you just created. Click on that.

Screenshot (653)

Right-click on the copy, and open with Google Docs.

Screenshot (655)

Next, use Ctrl H (Command F on Mac) to find and replace 59933 with your coach ID.

Screenshot (657)

Now copy all the code on that page (minus the instructional text in bold) then go to your blog and create a new page. Make sure to switch to TEXT mode before you paste the code you just copied.

Screenshot (658)

Publish and review that page you just created.

Next, you’ll need to add them into your blog’s main navigation. Here’s the tutorial for that “Managing Your Blog’s Main Navigation.”