What are & how to manage Featured Posts?

Featured Posts are the most prominent blog posts on your front page.


They are also positioned at the top, which means that they are likely to be the first thing a reader sees when they land on your homepage.

featured post

Use them to broadcast your most important message(s) to your readers as they are at the top of the home page, run full width and are thus larger and easier to see.

To manage your Featured Posts, navigate to

Dashboard > Steve’s Theme > Layout Options

how many

Choose how many posts you’d like to have in that section, disregard every other setting, and save changes.

Please note that these settings will automatically take your latest posts and display them in the featured section. If there is a particular post that you would prefer to have featured, then you should make it a sticky post as well. That way, it will stay pinned in the featured section forever (or until you un-stick it).