What is a Sticky Post and how do I create one?

Sticky posts are literally stuck at the top of your homepage.

Please note that this is only relevant for Traci’s Theme. 

Ordinarily, WordPress content is listed in a reverse chronological order from the latest post going backwards, but sticky posts always maintain their position on the homepage, similar to a pinned status on Facebook or Twitter.

Sticky posts are displayed after the Highlight Posts in Traci’s theme.

Screenshot (243)

The sticky post function is perfect if you want your new visitors to receive a particular message first whenever they land on your home page. It could be a welcome note; a quick explanation of what your site is about, offers, benefits to your niche, your best blog posts or whatever you think best.

To create a sticky post, log in to your WP-Admin panel and navigate to

My Site > Dashboard > Posts > Add New

sticky 1

Look on the right side for the word Visibility. Click on it to check the box that says “Stick this post to the front page.”

sticky 2

Create the post and publish it as usual.

You can sticky more than one post too. The sticky post(s) will show up above all others posts in chronological order.